A tall man is in the men's room using the facilities. A short guy, about
knee high, comes in and pulls up a stool, and starts taking a pee too.

The tall guy keeps looking over his shoulder. The little guy says, "What the
hell are you looking at?" and the tall guy replies, "Well, for being such a
short little guy, you have an awfully big pecker on you!"

"Well," says the short guy, "Of course I do. I am a leprechaun and I can have anything that I wish for!"

"A leprechaun, you say? Does that mean that you can give me anything
that I
wish for?"

"Well, yes, but I am a gay leprechaun, so I'll want a favor in return,"
the short guy.

After thinking, the tall guy says, "Alright then. I want a million
a brand new mansion, and 2 new Porsches!"

"Fine!" says the short guy, "it's all yours! But first I want you to
your pants down, bend over and grab your ankles!"

So, the tall guy does it and the short guy climbs back up on the stool,
really gives it to him! The guy is just moaning!! The short guy says,
tell me, what is your name?"

The tall guy moans and stomping his feet he says, "My name is Bruce..."

"Bruce, how old are you?" asks the short guy.

Stomping his feet even harder, he moans, "I'm 32!"

The short guy says, "Bruce? You're 32 and still believe in

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