"Our best tool for change is being out and proud."

"Hiding from family, friends and colleagues only hinders our acceptance by the implication that we have something to hide.”

"We as gay men must unite and prevail over the sad notations of misguided people who can't accept us as gay"

"There Are two ways to shine.... you can be the candle or, the mirror that reflects it"

Our new blog!!

Well hello and welcome to skykid2.com. My husband and I have embarked on a new journey. We are Over the road truck drivers. see our videos and updates from the road.

Also this is where we are today!!

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How will You be remembered?? ...... just a story that i came by a while ago it touched me and it is the words i live by

How Dangerous Is the Internet for Children?? ..... read this and trust me you will be pleasantly surprised

Religious-right scandals... A re posted Article from the 16th of january 2006 where the Rev. Steven Baines details how Religious right’s resent moral failures are result of a repressive religion.

The Battle Over Gay Teens.....An article by JOHN CLOUD in Time magazine Oct 10th 2005

Gay super heroes D.C. comics has released the first main stream gay comic where all super heroes Are written by gay men for gay men.

My Story:

The long strange trip of my life.....


Aging gays In this the new millennium where do older gay men or a gay couples retire too??

Aging gay follow-up: new plans in the works for gay communities all over the country

Gay Student’s Right to Be 'Out' at School ............. land mark case in LITTLE ROCK, AR

Stupid things president bush has said....... o no he didn't just say that...............

Mexican Government beating homeless children........many children in Mexico only "Crime"  was to be homeless. This is a Washington post article documenting the senseless abuse of these children. Please read it and see what can be done to STOP it.

Gay witch hunt at Harvard   ..........A cover up 80 years in the making is leading to some closer for 2 families!!

Where did the gay pride flag come from??......for thoughts who have wondered here is the history behind the gay pride flag

Pervasive fear of gay men is difficult to fathom .........here is what my favorite columnist LEONARD PITTS JR.has to say about Rev. Gene Robinson's confirmation as the first openly gay bishop of the Episcopal Church.

Trans gender and Homeless ......what happens to some one if he or she is Trans gender and living in a homeless shelter may surprise you  and we are doing to change that

Best jokes on the web .......... I have showered the net looking for the best gay and gay friendly jokes on the net if you like to laugh then click Here

Links..... A few places that are special to me on the web

In April 2007, a federally funded study of four abstinence-only programs by Mathematica Policy Research Inc., found that participants had just as many sexual partners as non participants and had sex at the same median age as non participants. The four programs had taught students about human anatomy and sexually transmitted diseases, helped them improve their communication skills, manage peer pressure, set personal goals and build self-esteem.

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