Capital Pride 2008 Pictures

Adam wearing his sunday "best"

Saw an awesome singer by the name of Brendan Velasquez

With the beautiful back drop of the capital building

They were Giving cash (very stupid promotion for a bank?)

There were plenty of mostly Naked guys (It was 86 degrees, and the were selling the under ware)


And Of course plenty of drag Queens on stage


The festival took up 7 blocks of the busiest street in Washington dc (World famous pennsylvania Ave.)

There was food Vendors from all over the country this on was from Memphis, Tn

And international singing sensation Lori Michaels

The crowd was a tad less then last year maybe 150,000, I would guess it was the heat and the cost of gas that kept the crowd lower

Like in years past there were plenty of great sponsors. Fly southwest!!!


And plenty of dogs (puppies) This one is sooooooooooo cute

Hmm........ only RedBull Where is the vodka??


And of course the politicians came out to get the vote. "my god who dressed them ickk"

Very hot vendor "so adam thought"!!

Me and Adam looking goofy. I will always wear free shit!!

Same guys now on stage selling there under ware!! Sort of sexual positions


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